Walking in the fields of gold,

Cem Soldos, PT, 2015

  • PROGRAMMEinstallation éphémère Festival Bons Sons / ephemeral installation Festival Bons Sons / installazione effimera Festival Bons Sons
  • CLIENTScocs, Ideas Forward
  • SURFACE50 m2
  • BUDGET10000 €
  • EQUIPELorenzo Majer, Anna Merci

The project will be funded from the identity of the place and its history: the ritual of drying the corn, it is translated in a new space made of geometries, colors, lightness and movement. A field of grass welcomes an immaterial installation: a system of interlaced ropes is fixed on a ephimeral structure of metallic profiles drilled and screwed between them.

The jury highlights the poetic expression in the creation of a minimal and delicate pavilion. The answer is assertive regarding the released premisses and build a light atmosphere that reflects the duality of day-night space. It was also highlighted the possibility of creating a participating project, as well as ease of reuse in later editions of the festival.