Under Construction,

Ferrara, IT, 2007

  • PROGRAMMEinstallation éphémère / ephemeral installation / installazione effimera
  • CLIENTComune di Ferrara
  • SIZE1,3 ha
  • EQUIPEMarta Bianchi, Landscape Agency, Dipartimento Architettura Università di Ferrara

The wealth of this Renaissance’s garden as place of life, parties, shows and idlenesses of the Renaissance is still underestimated.
Only an attentive look can find tracks, recompose the former image of the garden and tell the story of its evolution along the time.
The arrangement of the building, architectural and ornamental elements, are tools which, conveniently codified, allow the understanding of the site.
The chronicles tell us a place changing and according to the exigencies of the Duke’s willingness. The garden was confidentially connected to the life of the Ducal Palace, establishing a strong connection among the indoor and the outdoor.