Rieucoulon, serre,

Montpellier, FR, 2016

The greenhouse dominates the large open space of the park of Rieucoulon. Many windows are absent or broken, the metallic structure is largely rusty but still solid; inside some side garden tables are in good condition, occupied by pots, plants and vegetation that grows spontaneously.

A minimal intervention aims to expose the greenhouse, its structure and its volume and magnify the presence of this architectural structure in the park.
The greenhouse will thus be able to welcome the public and establish a direct link between the interior and the large open space of the park.

The existing windows have been removed, the interior space has been freed from any bulk, with the exception of the side garden tables that were in good condition and have been preserved and cleaned.
The metal structure has been treated and repainted.
The floor consists of existing stone slabs and new gravel surfaces that allow intensive public use.
The wooden racks of the adjacent orangery have been recovered and placed above the metal structure to bring shade and create light play.