San Giovanni Suergiu, IT, 2015

  • PROGRAMMEtransformation centrale thermoélectrique + aménagement parc / thermal power station reuse + new park / riuso centrale termoelettrica + nuovo parco
  • CLIENTComune di San Giovanni Suergiu
  • SIZE17 ha
  • BUDGET21,3 M€
  • EQUIPExxx

Our work is based around the hydrographic structure of the land, made up of the agricultural network, aquaculture pools and salt marshes, and the immense central access channel which marks the limit between land and sea. Its strong geometries form the organising principles of the new central park.
Onto this structure we superimpose a series of disseminated and low cost micro-interventions, allowing the natural dynamics of the coast to be reestablished and the territory to be transformed in a progressive and autonomous manner.
The dykes are partially demolished to restore exchanges between freshwater and the sea, targeted excavations allow the level of the water table to be restored, with new plantations accompanying the spontaneous development of the Mediterranean maquis.